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Leading the Way

Centre-du-Québec occupies a strategic geographic position ideal for business development and economic prosperity.

A number of Centre-du-Québec businesses have taken advantage of globalization, using it to position themselves in new markets. The region has also built a name for itself as a second home for foreign subsidiaries.

Our diverse economy, an entrepreneurial network of SMEs (small and medium enterprises), strongly rooted and established large businesses, and cooperation among stakeholders make Centre-du-Québec a hub for economic activity.
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A Strong Manufacturing Sector
  A Driver for the Region’s Economy
  A Strategic Location
The Centre-du-Québec region has Québec’s highest proportion of manufacturing sector employees.

  The biofood industry provides for Centre-du-Québec’s agricultural needs with a view to sustainable development.   Centre-du-Québec is home to a vast and efficient network of roads, two airports, port facilities, and a railway system.
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