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Destination: Centre-du-Québec!

Nestled at the heart of Québec’s main arteries, the Centre-du-Québec region is bordered by the vast St. Lawrence River to the north and the towering Appalachian mountains to the south.

It is a bustling hub of activity that’s rich in potential, authentic, and vibrant—just like its residents and landscapes.

The Perfect Setting for a Rewarding, Healthy Lifestyle

Dynamic by nature 
Choosing Centre-du-Québec means joining a vibrant community with access to a panoply of sociocultural activities. The region straddles the St. Lawrence Plain and the Appalachian Mountains, making it an ideal homebase for sports and nature lovers. 

Culture also receives top billing thanks to a number of organizations and institutions dedicated to promoting Centre-du-Québec’s strengths and identity and the determination of its residents. Theater, visual arts, cinema, festivals, literature, arts and crafts, music, heritage—Centre-du-Québec has a little something for everyone!

Development and growth within the agritourism sector have resulted in even more recreation options, all highly affordable.
Mondial des cultures de Drummondville

famille1.jpg Families count
The Centre-du-Québec community is known for its family values and morals, making for a healthy environment that allows families to flourish. The area is well equipped to support its youth population, and a wide variety of services are available to assist young families.

Health care
Centre-du-Québec’s health care and social services facilities are equipped with modern, cutting-edge technology.

Accessibility is a top priority, so residents do not need to travel far to receive care.
Centre-du-Québec by the numbers:
228,865 friendly neighbors
6,921 km2 of natural beauty
81 welcoming municipalities
5 active regional county municipalities (RCMs)
2 vibrant aboriginal communities
Nearly 120,000 satisfied workers

Unparalleled quality of life!
In addition to providing families with top-quality services and a safe, healthy environment, the region boasts a cost of living that falls below the provincial average. The housing market is also favorable, and home ownership is accessible and beneficial whether you choose to live in the city or country.

Centre-du-Québec, the province’s youngest administrative region, is a naturally gorgeous, exciting place to be.

Numerous Education Possibilities

Cégep de Victoriaville, MRC d'Arthabaska
Top quality education
Centre-du-Québec’s geographic location provides easy access to postsecondary studies throughout the region and in nearby cities.

Its school boards provide primary (including preschool) and secondary education and a selection of vocational programs. CEGEPs (general and vocational colleges) offer pre-university studies and a variety of technical programs. The off-campus university center grants university degrees. The region is also home to two professional schools, a private school network, and a solid community of partners dedicated to academic success.

Education in Centre-du-Québec includes: 
  • Public and private schools

  • International schools

  • Brundtland green schools
  • Concentrations in arts, languages, science, and athletics
  • Institutions offering English and third-language instruction
  • Two CEGEPs
  • Three adult education centers
  • Six vocational training centers
  • Institutions dedicated to continuing education
  • An off-campus university center

An Array of Employment Opportunities

A springboard to the career of your dreams
The region’s growing employment needs, due in part to high rates of retirement, make Centre-du-Québec an ideal place to launch your career. In fact, an estimated 4,700 positions need to be filled each year.

The unemployment rate, which falls below the provincial average, should continue to fall over the coming years thanks to the region’s diverse economy.

Where entrepreneurship meets innovation
Centre-du-Québec is number one in Québec for entrepreneurship!

With a rate of entrepreneurship of more than 10%, the region ranks above the provincial average and enjoys a firm grasp on its position as one of Québec’s most active regions in this field.

Centre-du-Québec sees entrepreneurs as a vital asset and driver for economic growth, so it offers a great deal of support for new startups.

A Warm, Supportive Environment

New arrivals welcome!
Thanks to its numerous organizations and associations, Centre-du-Québec offers a full range of services to new residents to ease their integration and entry into the job market.

destination-acc.jpgCooperation and teamwork
The community movement is alive and well in Centre-du-Québec, where it is a commonly held value. Helping others, volunteering, and a variety of other resources are a testament to the region’s exceptional quality of life. 

Young residents who make a difference
Younger residents are particularly active in Centre-du-Québec’s decision-making processes. In fact, the region’s proportion of residents age 35 or under is 1.5 to 2% higher than the provincial average. For people looking to get involved in their communities, the possibilities are endless. Boards of directors for local NGOs are but one example of the types of organizations actively seeking young workers to participate in the region’s development.

A Region with Economic Advantages at Every Turn

Prosperity between peaks and valleys
Centre-du-Québec boasts a diversified economy and benefits from the dynamic agricultural and manufacturing sectors for which it is known.

The region’s manufacturing sector is particularly robust. It offers excellent employment prospects for technicians, tradespeople, professionals, and researchers, as well as specialized machinery operators and drivers.

Conscious of the extraordinary potential of the land, bio-food industry producers and stakeholders are developing the region’s agricultural potential with a view to sustainable development.

The region’s service sector is also enjoying steady growth. Construction, communications, retail and wholesale businesses, and tourism products and events are just a few of the areas experiencing growth.

Picture Perfect

The Centre-du-Québec region also stands out for its promising demographic outlook.

chiffres_14.jpgFrom 1996 to 2006, Centre-du-Québec’s population grew by more than 4% and is expected to continue growing for the next 20 years. chiffres_40_6eng.jpgAs of 2007, the average age among residents was 40.6, which reflects the provincial average of 40.1.
chiffres_29_4eng.jpgThe region’s proportion of youth age 24 and under is 29.4%, which is slightly higher than the provincial rate. The proportion of residents age 34 and under is closer to the provincial rate of 41.3%.

chiffres_10.jpgThe region’s balance of migration is positive (more people settle in Centre-du-Québec than leave it). In 2006–2007 the balance totaled +609, 370 of which were foreign immigrants.
Centre-du-Québec’s fertility rate is higher than the provincial average (1.62). The average age of mothers in the region (28.1) is also lower than the provincial average (29.5).

*In 2007. Source: Statistics Canada 

CFER Normand-Maurice, MRC d'Arthabaska

Environment and Sustainable Development

Centre-du-Québec’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental preservation place it at the forefront of the sustainable development movement within North America.

It is home to a number of industry-leading businesses in the field of recycling technology and logistics systems, as well as waste management and marketing.

Since the early 1980s Centre-du-Québec has stood out for its work on raising awareness of and educating citizens about recycling in Québec. It is also home to the province’s first Centre de formation en entreprise et récupération (CFER), a business-oriented alternative school with a focus on recycling. Today, there are 17 such centers across Québec, and the next one will be founded in Centre-du-Québec as well.

Recycling has been identified as a niche of excellence within the region.

All Roads Lead to Centre-du-Québec
Located at the heart of Québec, the region offers boundless potential!

With core values such as family, culture, environmental responsibility, and sustainable development, Centre-du-Québec is an ideal place to pursue your dreams.

A bright future
The potential for involvement and success in Centre-du-Québec is endless. Generous and innovative, the region has everything you need to succeed in terms of family life, your studies, your career, your business, and life in general.

Community development within the region remains a top priority, both in terms of quality of life and achieving your personal and business goals. Community decision-makers are accessible and open to ideas from their fellow citizens. They are also active in their communities, enthusiastic, and—most importantly of all—open to ideas from younger generations.

An exciting environment spanning fields and forests

Centre-du-Québec is a young region brimming with culture, history, and community participation and support. It’s a place where you can have a hand in the development of the place you call home.

Living in Centre-du-Québec means enjoying a reasonable work-life balance and being part of a vibrant, welcoming community.